Leopard tortoise

Somalian leopard tortoises are some of the more popular tortoises as far as collectors and tortoise enthusiasts go.  They are friendly, beautiful, can learn to eat from your hand and are very docile and relaxed as far as temperament.  Leo torts will live up to 100 years of age and can make great additions to your reptile family for decades to come.  Leopard tortoises are often considered the perfect medium-sized tortoise for sale.

Baby leopard tortoises all the way up to about 18 months old, should be raised in high humidity environments.  We soak our baby leopard tortoises daily and raise them at 75% humidity to ensure perfect shell growth. Raising your baby leopard tortoise or juvenile leopard tortoise with higher humidity also will allow them to grow much more rapidly and thrive as a whole.  Contrary to popular belief, leopard tortoises though from Africa, do well in humid micro-climates when young.

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