Mazuri Tortoise Diet 12 oz


Mazuri Tortoise Diet is a high fiber diet designed for dry land turtles (box) as well as herbivorous tortoises such as Leopard, Hermann’s, Red Foot, Yellow Foot, Greek, Marginated, Star, Gopher, Sulcata and Galapagos tortoises.  This diet may be used with other herbivorous reptiles as well. Feeding Directions:

• Feed approximately 2-4% of body weight. It is not necessary to moisten pellets with water, however for tortoises under 18 months of age, softening the pellets in water before feeding is highly recommended.

• Feed consumption will vary with environmental temperatures.

• Feed with good quality grass hay. If desired, feed fresh fruits and vegetables

• At most 5% fruit and 20% vegetables by weight of total diet Always provide animal with plenty of fresh, clean water. Proper humidity levels are also critical for health and proper growth of herbivorous reptiles.

A World of Good Nutrition

  • Vegetarian Formulation
  • Timothy Hay-Based
  • Contains Natural Vitamin E
  • Lower Starch than traditional pellets