Baby Red Foot Tortoise


    Baby Red foot tortoise Diet

    Red foot tortoises eat a wide variety of greens, protein, veggies, and fruits.  Feeding your red foot tortoise daily is recommended.  Red foots eat more protein than most species of tortoise for sale.  Both the yellow foot tortoise for sale and the Cherry head tortoise also eat the same diet as the baby or adult red-footed tortoise.

    Red foot tortoise humidity

    Humidity is important with all forest species of tortoise.   Red foot tortoises, like the cherry head tortoise for sale, and baby yellow foot tortoise require higher humidity than most species of tortoise.  Humidity levels for red foot tortoises for sale should be in the neighborhood of 65-75% at all times

    Red-footed tortoise UVB Lighting

    UVB is important when keeping any species of tortoise.  Red foot tortoises, yellow foots, and cherry heads will require less UVB than most tortoise species.  Using a 5 or 6% UVB lamp works well for forest species like the red foot.  Here we recommend Arcadia brand UVB lamps as they are clearly the best in the world.  You can find them in our tortoise lighting section.  Buying the right red foot tortoise UVB lamp is important, so don’t skimp!

    Red Foot tortoise for sale Habitat

    Habitats can really be made from anything from a fish tank to a tortoise box, to an old table.  Using something that works for your particular application is key from the start.  For example:  If you live in south Florida, you will eventually be keeping your baby red foot outside once he or she is a yearling to juvenile.  Those who live in the northeast and colder areas may keep their tortoise indoors year-round, or most of the year.   The main thing to consider when setting up your red foot tortoise habitat is making sure you can maintain humidity in the area of 75% most of the time.

    Red-Footed Tortoise for sale | baby red-footed tortoise Availability |

    Red-footed tortoises are bred on a large scale in the U.S., generally in the humid southern states.  In southern states, it is easier to keep them outdoors year round. Captive-bred baby red-footed tortoises are available from many sources.  Finding a red foot tortoise breeder like Tortoise Town is the best way to buy a baby red foot tortoise.

    Red-Footed Tortoise for sale | Red foot tortoise Size

    Baby Red-footed tortoise hatchlings for sale normally measure approximately 1½ to 2 inches in carapace length out of the egg. Growth rates are variable depending on many factors but are mostly based on the amount and quality of food they are taking in as well as the temperatures they are exposed to.

    Red-footed tortoise adult size is generally somewhere between 11 to 14 inches in length, with some exceptions to this rule. We have had females as small as 9 inches in length lay eggs.  However, it is more likely with females in the 11 to 12 inch range. Like most tortoises, red-footed tortoises grow rapidly for the first five years, then their growth slows with age.

      Red-Foot Tortoise for sale – Lifespan

    The lifespan of a baby red-footed tortoise can vary depending on many factors, but most indications are that they can live for more than 50 years. Tortoises kept in ideal conditions that mimic their natural habitat, without the threat of predation, tend to have higher life spans than tortoises raised in artificial settings.

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